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Progress Report

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a progress report or blogged, but I’ve been busy writing. To paraphrase successful indie authors CJ Lyons and JA Konrath, the best marketing arsenal a writer can have is more books to sell. In order to reach my goal of publishing book numer two and three in 2013, I have to write, write, write.

Progress Report

The Asset has now been published for over a month. I have yet to ramp up the marketing or do a free promo. I’ve been focusing on getting reviews. My goal was to have ten Amazon customer reviews by the end of March, so I’m not make that goal. I’m sitting at eight as I write this blog post.

I also received my first editorial type review. It was from popular book review website, Night Owl Reviews. It’s a bit nerve-racking to have your book in the hands of a reviewer who could tear it to pieces. I’m prepared for that, not everyone is going to like my book, some will even hate it. But I was thrilled that Night Owl Reviews liked my book! It was given 5 out of 5 stars. Here is their awesome review of The Asset.


The Asset
Book sales 3/26/13


So far (26 March 2013) I’ve sold 121 copies of The Asset. My goal was 100, so I’m happy to have surpassed that modest goal.




Word count for novel I’ve finished writing my second book, “She’s Gone” a couple months ago. I surpassed my initial goal of writing 80,000 words. I clocked in at 90,907. After re-writes and editing, it will probably end up around 80,000 words. But I’m happy to have surpassed my initial goal. It’s something to put a goal of writing an 80,000 word book when you’re sitting at zero. My goal is publish “She’s Gone” towards the end of May of 2013.

WIP UpdateI’m also currently writing my third book. I’m not prepared to release the title just yet. Still very much a work in progress. I’m at 12,909 words of my 80,000 word count goal for that book. This is the third book to feature Pete Maddox. The character I introduced in The Asset and who is also the main character in She’s Gone. My goal is to have the third book in the Pete Maddox series out by fall or winter of 2013. Entering 2014 with three books in a series will give me a lot of marketing leg room.

That’s my latest progress report. Keep in touch.

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