Progress Report for Week of July 25th & August 8th

Progress Report

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It’s been a rough two weeks in my writing endeavors. On the personal front, it’s been good news since we finally bought a house here in San Francisco. On the writing side, the process of getting ready for closing and moving has sucked a lot of time. A few days vacationing in Lake Tahoe didn’t help. 🙂

These are lame excuse since I need to get into the habit of writing 2,000 words per day no matter what but I’m not there by any stretch of the imagination.

I also missed my self-imposed deadline to finish the first draft (August 9) so I’ve given myself a new deadline to finish the first draft. I’m still roughly at the half-way point of my first draft so I need to get busy. Since my progress report for the last two weeks is dismal, I decided to combine the two weeks into one progress report.

Writing Fiction  As you can see, it hasn’t been a good two weeks. Since my last progress report, I wrote about 2,000 words in the past TWO weeks! My goal is to write at least that many words in a day, not two damn weeks! I need to get busy and serious here if I’m going to finish writing this book.





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