Long Over Due Progress Report

Progress Report

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Sorry about the lack of updates on the blog. I was busy writing so I could finish my book. Throw in my work as an Internet Marketer and I was pressed for time to blog at Fictive Universe. Okay, so that’s the excuse, now for the long over due progress report.

Since my last progress report, I’m happy to announce that I finished writing my first book! Here is my last progress report for my first book:

As you can see, in comparison to my last progress update, I have been busy writing!

To finally finish a manuscript was so thrilling! But the road to publishing was still far, far, away! Just finishing the manuscript was winning a small battle but the war to success as a writer is still going on. 🙂

I’ll post about that and my next steps in the next few days so stay tuned to the blog.


I'm a full-time Internet marketer and infopreneur and an aspiring fiction writer. Blogging about my fiction writing at Fictive Universe.

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