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HappyScribe is an Automatic Transcription Software that I’ve been using to generate transcripts for my podcast.

I’ve tried most of the transcript software out there, and Happy Scribe has been the best one.

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Happy Scribe Pricing

HappyScribe pricing is simple, which I like compared to its competitors. You buy hour blocks. So for about $15 you buy a one hour credit. So obviously the length of your podcast plays into how affordable HappyScribe pricing will be for you.

In my example, my podcast (Meet the Thriller Author) the episodes average around the 30 minute mark and I’m on a weekly publishing basis so I would need two hour credits per month. At its current pricing, that would cost me around $28.

Pricing is in Euros, so for me in the states that comes out to about $28

You can check out their nifty scaling calculator to figure out what it would cost for your needs — just enter the hours you need and you pay for what you need.

HappyScribe also offers professional transcription from a human, but as is usually the case with transcription, it can be expensive.

They charge $1.07 per minute. My latest episode of the podcast clocked in at about 31 minutes, so that’s over $30.

Not bad for a transcript here and there, but for four monthly episodes that would be more than I’m willing to pay for transcripts I’m posting on the website for free.

So the two-hour block for $28 is perfect for my needs. I can have four transcripts generated per month for just $28.

What’s the Quality Like?

You’ll always get better quality with a professional transcriber if that’s within your budget, go for it.

That being said, HappyScribe’s quality is outstanding, and I’ve tried just about every automatic transcription software on the market.

Some other services are so terrible that cleaning up the transcript would take so much time that it’s not worth it.

HappyScribe claims 70% accuracy, and I’m agreeing with that assessment. I spend about twenty minutes cleaning up the transcript before I post it on the website.

Nice Interface

I like the dashboard of HappyScribe. It’s clutter-free and easy to figure out how to navigate it around it.

You upload your file and the transcription begins. It takes about fifteen minutes to generate the transcript on a 30-minute audio. I upload MP3 files, but you can download a bunch of different file formats.

You can upload by dragging your file into the interface or via Dropbox, Google Drive, and other options. I use Dropbox.

Then select if you want the automatic service or the human one.

When the file is ready, you can download it in a bunch of formats. I use text so I can then copy and past it onto my website using the WordPress dashboard.

A cool option is that HappyScribe offers transcripts in over 100 languages!


HappyScribe is an excellent and affordable option to offer transcripts for my podcast. I like to offer transcripts because it’s a great way to provide a lot of great, SEO-friendly content for the website.

And some subscribers like to have transcripts of the podcasts. It’s a feature listeners to my podcast have asked me to provide, but until HappyScribe it wasn’t cost or time effective for me to offer a transcript. So I’m happy (pun) to have found HappyScribe.

You can head over to my podcast website to see the HappyScribe transcripts there.

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