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YouTube is a fantastic site to promote your book. You can easily create a book trailer or other promotional video that you can easily upload to YouTube which (as of this writing), is the third most heavily trafficked website in the world. But I keep noticing way too many authors who are uploading their videos without a crucial piece of information. A clickable hyperlink to your book order page!

I don’t mean adding an annotation or text in your video instructing the viewer to go somewhere; very few will do that. I’m talking about adding a clickable link in your video description to your book order page. It takes just a few seconds, so if you’re going to upload a video to YouTube… don’t forget to include a link.

How to add a hyperlink to YouTube videos


As you can see from that screenshot, I include two hyperlinks to my books order page on Amazon.

By entering a URL in your video description field on YouTube it becomes a hyperlink once the video goes live on YouTube. Even better go to your Amazon Associates account create a new tracking ID just for that video and use that link. Now you have stats to track that will show you if it’s working versus guessing.

This is a great way to:

  • make it easy for people to click onto your book’s order page
  • create tracking stats, courtesy of Amazon.


In the video above I show you how to do that.

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