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How to Setup Your Manuscript With CreateSpace

How to Setup Your Manuscript With CreateSpace

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How to Setup Your Manuscript With CreateSpace in Less Than 15 Minutes


She's Gone paperback version from createspace My novel, She’s Gone was published in the Kindle marketplace a couple weeks ago, but now I need to setup the paperback Print on Demand (POD) version of the novel using CreateSpace. For book size, I’m going with a paperback trim size of 5.5” x 8.5”.

I decided to record a video as I did this, so that’s what you’re seeing. You’re actually seeing a real life example of setting up a manuscript with CreateSpace. I was really setting up my files for my new novel (She’s Gone) with CreateSpace. I’ve always enjoyed video tutorials that are actually real, showing actual steps, versus a demo. So in this video you’ll see how easy it is to publish a paperback book for POD with CreateSpace that will be available not only on Amazon.com and CreateSpace, but on Barnes and Nobles and other online retailers thanks to the “Expanded Distribution” option CreateSpace offers. And it takes less than fifteen minutes to get in print.


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