Canva Facebook Cover

Canva Facebook Cover

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In this Canva Facebook Cover video tutorial and review, I’ll show you how to design your Facebook Cover image yourself (for free) using Canva. makes it easy and free to create pretty awesome Facebook cover/headers for your Facebook Author Page.

This is the Facebook cover created with Canva:

Canva Facebook Cover Example







Making changes (like moving images, changing background and text color) is a breeze and takes mere seconds:

Canva Facebook Cover






You can see the Canva Facebook Covers on my Author Facebook Page (caveat: if you’re reading this post days, months, years, later, it might not be a Canva Facebook cover I’m using, thus the screenshots above).

Cons of using Canva

“Canva: We’re over capacity” – There were timeout errors due to Canva being “over capacity”. I believe Canva is a newish company so these are common growing pains when a site becomes too popular for their server’s to handle the traffic and users (memories of Twitter’s fail whale). server too busy screenshot

This only happened once. It lasted a few minutes. I just hit refresh a few times until the site loaded again and I was able to get back in. The work I was doing on Canva was wiped out, so make sure to save as you work along.

Canva Upload Error

Canva upload error

I also had issues with uploading images from my computer, not sure what happened there, but it seems to then upload them all (which is why you see multiple copies of my images (book covers) in the video. I kept getting that “upload error” so I kept trying and then, boom, the images were all there.

The images were fine (they were under 25MB, they were .jpg files, etc.), so again, not sure why the upload error with Canva, but after a few minutes, the upload worked just fine and I haven’t had issues since.


This has nothing to do with Canva. It’s all on me, but no matter how great the tool and how easy it is to use, I’m not a graphic artist and I believe that shows. So that’s something to consider. I love Canva and will continue to use it since it makes it easy to create a Facebook cover (and other social media images) for my Facebook page, but I know it won’t look as nice if I hire a true pro, so keep in that in consideration.

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