YouTube Copyright Claim Released

youtube copyright claim released

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YouTube Copyright Claim Released!

Follow-up on YouTube Copyright Claim

Yesterday I posted about a YouTube copyright claim that was filed on the book trailer video for my book, The Asset by AdRev (on behalf of their client).

In that post and video, I showed you how to dispute YouTube copyright claims and I’m happy to report that in just a few hours AdRev dropped the claim!

I can continue to use the royalty-free music recording I purchased on Audio Jungle without the claimant adding ads to my book trailer video.

This was my main goal in filing the dispute, for two reasons:

  1. I purchased that royalty-free music recording to avoid something like a copyright claim to happen
  2. I don’t want ads appearing on my book trailer video since that’s basically an ad for my book

YouTube Copyright Claim Released

As you can see, YouTube doesn’t provide a lot of detail of how the claim dispute system goes down, they  just sent me a short and to the point email letting me know all is well:

youtube copyright claim released

It would be nice to have more information, but I suspect the company that the claimant uses to police their copyright, AdRev, doesn’t have a way to know if the recording is being used legitimately or not, so they just automatically file a dispute, putting the burden of proof on us, not them.

If you think about it, had I not seen this email from YouTube or I didn’t know how to file a YouTube copyright claim dispute, ads would have been embedded into my video to the benefit of the claimant, even though I had paid for the license to use that track.

So the whole copyright claim system seems a bit shady to me, but at least YouTube makes it easy and their copyright claim system seems to work efficiently if you have the license certificate to prove you’re using the recording legitimately.

But still, that was around thirty minutes of my time dealing with the process which could have been avoided if AdRev would only file legitimate copyright complaints versus using automated bots to handle the whole process to the annoyance of people like myself that use licensed tracks only on my book trailer videos.

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