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Old School Composition Book

Old School Composition Book

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Composition Notebooks from Target I love my electronic gadgets, but sometimes you just want to go old school! The other day, I had ideas for my book, I was away from the computer and I didn't have my iPad handy. I could have whipped out my droid (HTC EVO) and recorded a memo for myself... I've done that plenty of times. But I was in a public place and felt silly. I wish I would have a notebook and pen handy (especially since by the time I got to my iPad the idea was gone... out of my head).

So today I was doing some shopping at Target and I noticed they had this huge display for kids "going back to school" (is it me or is that bit early?). I decided to get one of those old-school composition notebooks. I wasn't even sure if they still had those since kids now days are hardwired, but sure enough, they had them!

I picked up a two-pack of the pocket-size notebooks. 8- sheet. College rule. And just 4 1/2" x 3 1/4"!  The cost was too funny, two for $1.

Note - I checked on Amazon and they're expensive on there! $8 for just one... so if you want one, buy the comp notebook at Target online or heck, if you're like me, you go to Target a lot so just pick up a pack when you're out shopping.

Update - great option from Amazon are these "reporter pads":

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