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eReader for Less Than $15

eReader for Less Than $15

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I was reading on Yahoo Finance about cheap versions of pricey products and was amazed to see a $13 eReader! That’s cheaper than the price of some of the big name ebooks. This type of eReader makes it easier for just about anyone to be able to afford an eReader, which is wonderful! A long-standing rumor is that Amazon will put out a free (with ads) Kindle eReader so they can sell more eBooks, but until that time $13 for the Txtr Beagle is pretty darn affordable. 🙂

Yahoo Article: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/5-absurdly-cheap-versions-pricey-130017436.html

Txtr Beagle website: http://us.txtr.com/beagle/ <-- deadlink update for 2018.

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