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As I’m learning more about Facebook advertising for fiction authors I’ll share what I discover under the new tag: Facebook Advertising Tips for Authors.

What size should my Facebook ad image be? This was a question that stumped me, and I’m not alone, questions about Facebook advertising banner size popup all ¬†the time on the forums and the advice on those¬†writer’s forums is varied, so who was right?

Well here is the definitive answer to ad banner sizes right from Facebook! Not only do they provide their preferred image dimensions for Facebook ads, but other information based on the objective of your ad, and recommended creative specs for size, text characters allowed, and image ratio, and the best part, this info is coming right from Facebook, so you don’t have worry or wonder if the advice is correct.

You can download it from here, but I’ve posted the two page document below:

Facebook Creative Specs, Page One (click image to enlarge):

Facebook advertising banner size
Facebook Ad Image Banner Sizes, Part One

Facebook Creative Specs, Page Two (click image to enlarge):

Facebook advertising banner size
Facebook ad banner sizes, part two.
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