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Audiobook Production with ACX Case Study (Part Seven)

Audiobook Production with ACX Case Study (Part Seven)

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ACX Audiobook Production Case Study

ACX message about file validation process.

As I’ve been walking you through the audiobook production process with ACX we get to the final step: ACX validation.

The validation process took longer than expected. We did have one issue during validation, one of the audio files uploaded was unedited. My narrator/audiobook producer was able to fix it and re-upload it. I would imagine this added more time to the validation process even though he fixed it right away.

After waiting almost a month for ACX to complete it’s validation and put my audiobook for sale, I followed up with my narrator (since I had no idea how long it should take). He agreed that it was taking longer than usual, so he followed up with ACX over the telephone. They advised him the audiobook would be moved into production on December 9, 2013. I was thrilled when ACX emailed this morning to inform me that The Asset audiobook was now available for sale (four days earlier than the December 9th date).

ACX Validation Process

Email from ACX

Although the email from ACX mentioned the audiobook would be available on iTunes and Amazon.com “within the next few days” it was available on both sites the same day.

So on the same day my audiobook was available for sale on the three major audiobook retailer’s websites (Audible, Amazon, iTunes):

The Asset audiobook for sale on Audible

The Asset Audiobook on Audible

The Asset audiobook on Amazon.com

The Asset Audiobook on Amazon

The Asset audiobook on iTunes

The Asset Audiobook on iTunes

Now I have to get busy to promote The Asset audiobook!

I will post a recap of the process including my thoughts on what worked great and what could be improved (in my opinion only).

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