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Progress Report for Last Month (August 15 – September 19)

Progress Report for Last Month (August 15 – September 19)

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  Well it's been a month since my last progress report and it hasn't been a good month! I wrote 3,500 since my last progress report. My goal is 2,000 words per day... I couldn't even muster 4,000 in almost a month! I got bogged  down with my second major case of writer's block. I started to question the story and I felt my thriller was becoming a historical piece vs. a thriller!

I read James Frey's "How to Write a Damn Good Thriller and it's helped me get back on track for the final push. I'm towards the end of my book so I need to keep writing. Writer's block be damned!

I'm writing another post about my recent writer's block so I'll have that posted here in the next few days.

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