Met My Writing Goal!

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Writing Goal Met!I'm very excited to announce that I just hit my word count goal for my second book! When I started writing my second book, I set a goal of 80,000 written words. I've blogged about setting writing goals before. It's a goal to keep me motivated, but it's not a target that must be met. If the story could be told at 50,000, 60,000, or 100,00... then, so be it! But it is exciting to actually meet that target I set months ago. I'm not finished with this story yet. I'm very close. I should be finished writing the first draft of the manuscript in the next few days. Not sure where I'll end up as a final word count. But today, I'm excited to have reached my target (now I've exceeded it)!

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2 Responses to “Met My Writing Goal!”

    • Thanks Peggy! I’m getting ready to send this novel to the editor. So hopefully by February I’ll have two books out there to promote.: Which of course was my master plan all along. 🙂

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