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If you can't physically visit a place you're writing about, head on over to YouTube.

My WIP takes place in Honduras since it's not feasible for me to book a flight to Tegus, I instead visited YouTube. I wanted to describe what it's like to drive in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, so I searched "driving in Tegucigalpa" and voilĂ , I had dozens (if not more) of videos to choose from. I watched a 15-minute video someone uploaded as they rode a taxi cab from their hotel to the airport.

I got to see the roads, there were dusty, bumpy, I could feel the heat permeating the video, I got to see the architecture, people on the streets, the cars they drive, the ton of motorcycles zipping in and out of traffic, the highway signs, the chaotic driving atmosphere there. The street vendors, stores, cheap-looking motels, and the nicer parts of the city as well.

It was like a shot of B12, I felt ready to write that scene and it just poured out.

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