My Fiction Writing in 2012-2013

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New Year 2013 Indie PublishingAlmost a week into 2013, so I thought it was a good time to reflect on 2012 and what's coming for 2013 with my fiction writing.

2012 - Good Stuff

I wrote two books in 2012. "The Asset" is around 80,000 words. It's gone through two rounds of editing and proofreading. I've also done chunks of re-writes. Truth be told; I could have had it published months ago, but it being my first book, I was nervous and insecure, so I let it sit and percolate. I have several friends and even folks I haven't met (who read my blog or forum posts) ask me: "is it published yet?"

My second book is "She's Gone". The first draft came in at around 88,000 words. I'm also around 10,000 words of my third book (untitled at this point). So in 2012 I wrote around 178,000 words of fiction. I still can't believe it. This was my first attempt at writing fiction in about 15 years, so I'm very happy to have accomplished writing two books and starting a third one in 2012.

In February, I started a Meetup group for the San Francisco Bay Area Self Published/Indie Authors. That group now has 102 indie authors. We meet monthly. Usually around 15 indie authors show up. Being able to meet-up with other local indie authors face to face has been great. You learn so much, and you also get inspired and motivated.

I recommend you go out and meet fellow writers in 2013. Check out There probably already is a Meetup group out there, if not, do what I did and set up the group. I had only been living in San Francisco for one year and hadn't finished my first book yet when I founded the group. So don't let inexperience or being new to the area stop you.

2012 - Bad Stuff

My hesitation of publishing my first book, "The Asset" in 2012 was a personal disappointment. But it is what is. I try not to look back (after this post). The silver lining is I will have two books to publish in early 2013 and a third one in summer of 2013.

2013 - Goals and Challenges

I'm planning to publish three books in 2013, so I'm very excited of kicking off my career as a fiction writer in earnest in 2013. Writing the book is half the battle. Marketing and promoting my books will be just as tough. The explosion of self publishing in 2012 has made the competition even more fierce for 2013. And that's just among indie authors. Throw in traditional published authors and it's rough out there. But I'm looking forward to the challenges of finding readers and selling my books.

Your Turn

How was your 2012? What are your goals for you fiction writing in 2013? Let me know in the comments section below.

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