01 September 2020

2020 Word Count Tracker On Steroids!

Writers, track your writing progress for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly totals on multiple projects with beautiful graphics to help you vizualize your progress towards your finished book!

Hello writers,

My name is Alan Petersen. I'm a thriller author and host of the Meet the Thriller Author Podcast. I'm excited to show you my butt-kicking Word Count Tracker!

Who Needs a Word Count Tracker?

If you're a writer serious about finishing that book then a word count tracker is for you!

Tracking your word count is one of the best strategies in the published author's aresnal.

If you Google "word count trackers" you'll notice there are a lot of word count tracking spreadsheets out there.

I must have tried them all... most didn't do everything I wanted them to do and a lot of them were out of date (by several years).

Updating an old spreadsheet without breaking the formulas is tough. I know that from personal frustrating expeirence!

So I decided to have my dream Word Count Tracking Spreadsheet developed. I'm not an Excel whiz but with my past experience as a business systems analyst I wrote the specs for my dream word count tracking spreadsheet and then I hired an Excel developer to bring my vision into fruition.

And boy, did he deliver! He created an awesome Word Count Tracker spreadsheet that has everything I wanted:

  • The spreadsheet tracks  word count on a daily, weekly, and monthly bases.
  • An at-a-glance dashboard with beautiful graphic charts to track progress.
  • Project-based, so I can add as many writing projects as I want and allows me to work on multiple projects on the same day.
  • Red, green, yellow status icons to keep track of daily of word count goals.
  • Easy to use. Just plug in my your monthly word count goal and enter your daily word count and the spreadsheet formulas crunch all the data automatically.
  • Lock and loaded for 2020 including the extra day of writing thanks to the 2020 leap year.
  • Tracks days left to meet writing goals.
  • Calculates daily word count needed to stay on track.
  • Check out the video demo above for more features.

They loved it!

I shared the spreadsheet with several online writer friends and the feedback blew me away. They absolutely loved it.

So I decided to offer for sale here. It's cheap, just $10.

Obviosly, I'm not getting rich with it. It would be great if I can recoup the money I paid to have this spreadsheet develoed and it's awesome to think my tracker might help other writers like it has helped me to finally finish writing their books.

I'm sure you're going to love it!

UPDATE FOR 2021 WORD COUNT TRACKING SPREADSHEET: If you buy the 2020 Word Count Tracking Spreadsheet On or After September 1, 2020, I'll send you the 2021 Word Count Tracking Spreadsheet once it's ready. I'll email it to you by mid to late December 2020 so you'll be all set and ready to meet your writing goals for 2021! Please note, I'll use your PayPal email address to send the 2021 Word Counting Spreadsheet.

If you prefer to wait you can sign up to the waitling list here and you will be notified via email once the 2021 Word Count Tracker is available for purchase.

Screenshot Time

Here are some screenshots to show you what this tracker can do for you. Make sure to watch the video above so you can see it in action.

Word Count Tracker Spreadsheet Dashboard

Word Count Tracker Spreadsheet

Works with the Excel App on iPhone
Word Count Tracker on Excel App

"Awesome spreadsheet, thank you! I love all the little motivators that you built into it." - comment left on YouTube.

Order Now for Only $10


Refund Policy: Because you're downloading the spreadsheet with all its formulas REFUNDS ARE NOT ALLOWED. At only $10 for everything you get, I doubt anyone would request a refund but be aware all sales are final. No refunds will be given. So make sure this tracker will fit your needs BEFORE you order. Contact me if you have questions before ordering.

Personal use only. You may only use this tracker for personal use. You can not resell, share, or giveaway this tracker.

Payment Methods. I only accept payment via PayPal. Even if you don't have a PayPal account you can still order with your credit card via PayPal.

One more thing. I paid a professional Excel developer to create this spreadsheet. It has some pretty advanced Excel formulas, at least they seem very advanced to me. So if you buy the tracker and you start to mess around with the formulas and you break it, I can't help you fixing it because it's over my head. So if you're going to mess around with the formulas, make sure you make a copy, so you have the original version handy to go back to if you mess things up!

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