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Book Typos

Book typos (grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and plain old typos) are inevitable no matter how thoroughly your...

Book Typos
posted on: Oct 14, 2016 | author: Alan Petersen

Don’t Waste That Online Real Es...

Page 404. We’ve all encountered those error web pages, announcing that the page we’re looking for is...

Don’t Waste That Online Real Estate
posted on: Feb 4, 2013 | author: Alan Petersen

How to get your Manuscript from Scriv...

A common question I get about Scrivener (and it was one I had when I started using the writing software) is how I get...

How to get your Manuscript from Scrivener to Your Editor
posted on: Jan 28, 2013 | author: Alan Petersen

Open Office Problems

I made the switch from Windows to Mac in 2007, and although it took some adjustment time, I’m a full-blown Mac...

Open Office Problems
posted on: Dec 13, 2012 | author: Alan Petersen

I Hate the Editing Part

I’ve been working on the edited manuscript for my WIP (work in progress) and I really hate this part of...

I Hate the Editing Part
posted on: Nov 27, 2012 | author: Alan Petersen

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