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How to use Google Forms for Writers

In this video, I’ll show writers how they can use free Google Forms to create beautiful online Review Copy and...

How to use Google Forms for Writers
posted on: Nov 17, 2015 | author: Alan Petersen

Systematic Podcast Interviews Keith B...

Cool interview about my favorite writing app Scrivener. Brett Terpstra host of the Systematic podcast on the 5by5...

Systematic Podcast Interviews Keith Blount
posted on: Jan 27, 2014 | author: Alan Petersen

List Building Tips for Authors

As an author, you probably already know how important it is to connect with readers and to build our community...

List Building Tips for Authors
posted on: Sep 10, 2013 | author: Alan Petersen

Open Office Problems

I made the switch from Windows to Mac in 2007, and although it took some adjustment time, I’m a full-blown Mac...

Open Office Problems
posted on: Dec 13, 2012 | author: Alan Petersen

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