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Meet the Thriller Author Guests

Author Interviews

Author interviews, I love them. I find them informative, inspiring, and motivating (as a writer). I also love podcasts, and I found that most of the author interview podcast catered more towards the marketing/business end of being an author. So last year (2015), I decided to start my own author interview podcast. Since (as a […]

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Systematic Podcast Interviews Keith Blount

Cool interview about my favorite writing app Scrivener. Brett Terpstra host of the Systematic podcast on the 5by5 Network interviewed Scrivener developer Keith Blount. The interview was back in September of 2013, but I just came across it now. Interesting stuff. I also find it amusing that the host of Systematic, Brett Terpstra lives in […]

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Interview with Indie Bestsellers Jack and Jasinda Wilder hosted a live interview with indie best selling author Jasinda Wilder. I had no idea the best selling books were written by a husband and wife team! Their journey to the NY Times Best Selling list is incredible and motivational. Here is the piece CBS news did on their story: Send to Kindle

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Podcast for Fiction Writers

The Fictive Universe Podcast – Episode #3

 The new podcast for fiction writers is ready. The Fictive Universe Podcast, Episode #3 covers: The lastest update on my first fiction book, “The Asset”. The book cover design process for self published fiction writers. Good things happen when you meet other local writers, book publishing professionals, face-to-face.   Send to Kindle

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Interview with Ken Jones

I interviewed author Ken Jones about his writing fiction, self publishing, and his new book, The Memoirs Of Edward Rochester. Send to Kindle

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Video Podcast: List Building Tools

List building tools for fiction writers. Here the links to the tools covered in this video. (more…) Send to Kindle

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Video Podcast: List Building for Fiction Writers

In this video podcast, I’ll walk you throw the websites of several fiction authors to show you four mistakes you need to avoid when building your email mailing list. List building is something all fiction writers should be doing. Especially if you’re self publishing. Send to Kindle

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Fictive Universe Podcast #2

In this podcast: Latest progress report on my book Editing books for self publishers Book marketing planning Kindle free eBooks, good or bad?   Resources mentioned: eLance, oDesk, Kindle Boards. Send to Kindle

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The Fictive Universe Podcast is Live!

 My new podcast on writing fiction called appropriately, “The Fictive Universe Podcast” has been approved and is now live on iTunes! You can subscribe to the podcast right from iTunes: Subscribe to The Fictive Universe Podcast from the iTunes Store. I will be uploading new podcast once or twice per month. Maybe even more often. […]

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Fictive Universe Podcast

Fictive Universe Podcast 1

Welcome to the first Fictive Universe podcast! Since this the first podcast we’ll cover what you can expect from this podcast about fiction writing for beginners.   Send to Kindle

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