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How to Outline Like James Patterson

James Patterson Masterclass Review In the video above, I’ll show you inside the James Patterson Masterclass. You’ll see the videos, layout, and the amazing content…

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Lester Dent Master Plot Formula for Plottr

Lester Dent was an American pulp-fiction author from the 30s, 40, and 50s, best known as the creator and main author of the series of…

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Distraction Free Writing with Cold Turkey Writing
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Distraction Free Writing

Distraction free writing can easily be achieved by using a free software program that blocks you from accessing all of the time-sucking distractions on your…

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Import Scrivener Template
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Import Scrivener Template

Can you Import a Scrivener Template That was Created in Windows Version Into the Mac? Import Scrivener template made in Windows into Scrivener for Mac?…

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iClever Portable Keyboard Review
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iClever Keyboard Review

iClever Keyboard Review geared for writers using Scrivener iOS on mobile devices. I use it on my iPhone, so that’s what I show in the…

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2017 Writing Goals
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2017 Goal Setting

2017 Goal Setting for my writing and publishing goals is pretty straight forward: I need to publish more books in 2017 than I have published…

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Meet the Thriller Author Guests
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Author Interviews

Author interviews, I love them. I find them informative, inspiring, and motivating (as a writer). I also love podcasts, and I found that most of…

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Daily Word Count Tracker Spreadsheet
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2021 Daily Word Count Tracker

Daily Word Count Tracker basic spreadsheet that you can download for free. 2021 UPDATE! If you would like my souped-up, professionally developed (by an Excel…

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Book Typos

Book typos (grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and plain old typos) are inevitable no matter how thoroughly¬†your manuscript has been edited and proofread; errors and typos…

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How to Copyright a Book

The Nuances of How to Copyright a Book How to copyright a book? It’s a question I’ve hemmed and hawed about since I first published….

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