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Daily Word Count Tracker Spreadsheet

Daily Word Count Tracker

Daily Word Count Tracker basic spreadsheet that you can download for free. UPDATE: The Daily Word CountTracker for 2018 is ready for direct download: 2018 Word Tracking Spreadsheets. Tracking your daily word count is a true and tried method used by a lot of successful¬†writers. It keeps them focused and on track of their writing […]

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Tracking the Written Words & Steps Taken

Setting up daily words written goal is important to move forward in completing your novel and it also gets you in the habit writing every day. My goal is 2,000 words. I don’t make it every day, but it helps having that goal. It’s also important to setup similar goals for your health. As writers […]

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Writing Goals Compatible with Word Count?

There was recently a thread started on the KB Writer’s Cafe about writer’s putting too much emphasis on word count. The thread was meant to be sarcastic, but a bit of a brouhaha¬†got started on the good and bad of going for word count. Focus on quality, not quantity was the mantra of those who […]

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