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Google Search Results for Authors

Fixing Google Search Results

Fixing Google search results is pretty straightforward and I show you how to do that in this video: Background About Fixing Google Search Results If you watched the video above, you can see it’s an easy process to contact Google via its “Feedback” link to report a problem with Google’s search result. For me, this […]

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How to Sign PDF Document for Free

Sign PDF Documents Free As indie authors and publishers we’ll have to documents to sign. Usually, they’ll email you a PDF document. I would print it out, then sign it, then scan it back into my computer so I could email back the signed copy. There has to be a better way to sign PDF […]

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WordPress 4.4. Plugin Compatibility Info

WordPress 4.4 Plugin Compatibility

WordPress 4.4 plugin compatibility issues? On December 8th, WordPress released its latest update, WordPress 4.4 (“Clifford”) and usually the bigger updates to WordPress, like Clifford, bring an increase  in the risk of plugin compatibility issues with your website. And sure enough, I updated and encountered an issue. The WordPress 4.4 Plugin Compatibility Problem Third-party plugin developers […]

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YouTube Research for Fiction Writers

If you can’t physically visit a place you’re writing about, head on over to YouTube. My WIP takes place in Honduras since it’s not feasible for me to book a flight to Tegus, I instead visited YouTube. I wanted to describe what it’s like to drive in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, so I searched “driving in Tegucigalpa” […]

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Scrivener Video Tutorial

Scrivener Tutorial: Find & Replace

For an in-depth review of the Scrivener software (the best writing software tool out there) please go to my “Scrivener Review” page. Below you’ll find my latest Scrivener “less than five-minute” video tutorial on how to use the “find and replace” feature. These are real-life tutorials of Scrivener in action as I’m writing my new fiction book […]

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How To Use Google Image Search Before Using Stock Images

On the Kindle Board’s “Writers Cafe”, there was a post about how the same stock images where being used on different book covers: Aside from spending a few thousand dollars on hiring a professional photographer and models for your own photo shoot, these things can happen when using stock photography for your covers. However, you […]

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