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When Book Launch Goes Bad

When Book Launch Plans Go Bust

Last week my book, The Asset, was finally live on Amazon. I began to go through my book launch checklist to begin to promote it, when suddenly my desktop computer (an iMac) began to crash. It wasn’t a hard crash, the monitor would just go black. The operating system would still be running, I could […]

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Selling Books Takes Salesmanship

There is no doubt about it. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing has changed the publishing world and revolutionized self publishing. Even one of the big old publishing houses, Simon & Schuster is crashing the self publishing party. Anyone can quickly have their book for sale on Amazon, but unlike Field Of Dreams, just because you publish […]

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NCBPMA July Event: Introduction to Self Publishing

On July 31, 2012, I participated in the Northern California Book Publicity & Marketing Association’s luncheon and panel discussion on self publishing in San Francisco. The NCBPMA is an association of book publicists and marketing professionals that mostly work in traditional publishing who were curious about the recent rumblings about self publishing. The panel was […]

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The Indie Author’s Guide to Book Cover Design

As a self published/indie author we have to be involved in every aspect of our book creation process. Including the book cover. The bad news, is that it can be a very frustrating process. Where do you even find book cover designers? And of course, it’s going to cost you some coin (a lot of […]

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Book Cover Design Will Be Judged

The Book Cover – You Will Be Judged

How will they click on your book on Amazon? There is an old adage that says: you can’t judge a book by its cover Although the general spirit of that proverb is true, a pretty book cover, doesn’t guarantee a good read awaits you inside, as an author we are judged by our cover. So even if […]

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International Book Sales

There was a post in the “Writer’s Cafe” forum from a UK member about the possibility of losing a book sale if you just provide a US link to your Amazon book page. Penrefe wote: So, I see most of you have links to buy your book(s) in your signature. Some (read: MANY) of the […]

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