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Book Cover Resign for She's Gone

Book Cover Redesign

Contemplating a book cover redesign? I hemmed and hawed about that for months. I was happy with the book cover design for my thriller, “She’s Gone”, but there was always something gnawing me about that cover and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until months after it was published. Does Your Book Cover […]

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Writing Fiction Tutotrial

Book Cover Design Video (Time Lapse)

One of the talented designers over at Ebook Launch posted a four-minute time-lapse video of the complete book cover design process (from selecting the stock images, fonts, Photoshop work, etc.).  It’s an amazing book cover design video to watch the designer start with a blank canvas (just as we writers start with a blank page) […]

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Create a Book Marketing Plan

Having a book marketing plan is a key, but seldom discussed component for success as an author. This is a video recording of a great webinar on how to create a book marketing plan to sell books put on by CreateSpace  and hosted by Brian Jud. There is a lot of advice online on book marketing and how to sell […]

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Audiobook Production with ACX Case Study Part Six (Paying Narrator)

In part six of The Asset Audiobook Production with ACX case study, I’ll be covering paying for the audio work. Once you approve the audiobook the next step is to pay your narrator. I thought that ACX would handle the payment to the narrator in the same way it’s done by the freelance for hire […]

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Audiobook Production with ACX Part Five (Reviewing Audio Files)

In this blog post, I’ll discuss the final steps in the ACX audiobook production steps for my book, The Asset. This is where I review the audio files and decide on approval. Full Production Ready   Once the narrator completes the recording he begins uploading the files up to the ACX website. The files are […]

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Audiobook Production with ACX Part Four (Audio Quality)

Last week my narrator began posting the completed chapters up to the ACX website for my review. It’s a very exciting stage of the process since I can start listening to the actual audiobook! But one thing I noticed right off the bat was that the audio quality wasn’t as rich as I expected. I […]

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How to Sell Your Books on Amazon (Hangouts on Air Event)

 Writer.ly had a live event today on Google Plus Hangout with Amazon’s Thom Kephart. A lot of information was presented so check out the video recording of the event. Send to Kindle

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Facebook Ads to Promote Your Fiction Book

Marketing Your Book with Facebook Ads (Part Two of Four). As I mentioned in part one of my Facebook Ads case study, I suggest you order the following books: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising and Killer Facebook Ads. In this post (part two of four), I will walk you through the process of setting […]

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Facebook Ads for Indie Authors

I’ve been wanting to learn how to use Facebook Ads to promote my book, The Asset. Facebook Ads are paid messages. You’ve probably seen those little ads popping up when you’re on Facebook. The concept seemed very similar to Google AdWords, and I remember how easily you could lose a lot of money if you don’t […]

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