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Book cover designers

Book Cover Designers

I’m getting to the stage of my WIP where I’m starting to think about the cover which then leads me to start thinking about book cover designers. This blog post isn’t going to be about the importance of the book cover. You know, how a book cover can have an impact on how well your […]

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Book Cover Design Will Be Judged

The Book Cover – You Will Be Judged

How will they click on your book on Amazon? There is an old adage that says: you can’t judge a book by its cover Although the general spirit of that proverb is true, a pretty book cover, doesn’tĀ guaranteeĀ a good read awaits you inside, as an author we are judged by our cover. So even if […]

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How To Use Google Image Search Before Using Stock Images

On the Kindle Board’s “Writers Cafe”, there was a post about how the same stock images where being used on different book covers: Aside from spending a few thousand dollars on hiring a professional photographer and models for your own photo shoot, these things can happen when using stock photography for your covers. However, you […]

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