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Vellum ebook formatting

Amazon KDP Table of Content Mess

Amazon KDP Table of Content Brouhaha This video is about the Amazon KDP Table of Content mess and the awesome ebook formatting software, Vellum coming to the rescue. The Low-Down Earlier this month the indie self-publishing world freaked out when Amazon went on a “shoot first, ask questions second” crackdown over the placement of the Table […]

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How to Order a CreateSpace Proof Copy

 In the first video of my “publishing a paperback book with createspace” videos, I walked you through the entire process of how to upload your manuscript and book cover onto CreateSpace, step-by-step. That video ended with the final step of waiting for approval of CreateSpace. CreateSpace indicates it takes around 24-hours before they contact you via […]

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Audiobook Production with ACX Case Study (Part Seven)

As I’ve been walking you through the audiobook production process with ACX we get to the final step: ACX validation. The validation process took longer than expected. We did have one issue during validation, one of the audio files uploaded was unedited. My narrator/audiobook producer was able to fix it and re-upload it. I would imagine this […]

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How to Sell Your Books on Amazon (Hangouts on Air Event)

 Writer.ly had a live event today on Google Plus Hangout with Amazon’s Thom Kephart. A lot of information was presented so check out the video recording of the event. Send to Kindle

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Interview with Indie Bestsellers Jack and Jasinda Wilder

Writer.ly hosted a live interview with indie best selling author Jasinda Wilder. I had no idea the best selling books were written by a husband and wife team! Their journey to the NY Times Best Selling list is incredible and motivational. Here is the piece CBS news did on their story: Send to Kindle

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Welcome to Fictive Universe

fic·tive/?fiktiv/ Adjective: Creating or created by imagination: “the novel’s fictive universe”. : of, relating to, or having the characteristics of fiction.   Welcome to my fictive universe! Since this is the first post (sans the deleted test posts), I figure it’s best to explain what this blog is about. The short answer: writing fiction. I’m […]

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