Spring Cleaning Twitter

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Check out Tweepi. You can easily clean up your Twitter account for free.

I don't use automated follow/unfollow stuff on my Twitter, so for the first time since 2008, I decided I need to prune my Twitter followers. Tweepi made it so easy. I ended up unfollowing close to 700 tweeps. Some tweeps that haven't even tweeted in four years! A lot of tweeps who I followed but didn't follow me, and tweeps in spaces I just don't care about were all gone.

I'm left with a leaner Twitter following but these are tweeps who want to hear from me and I want to hear from them, so it's a win, win. I'm now focusing my Twitter account for my fiction writing so I want to get a a nice mix of authors, readers, and other folks in the publishing industry. Quantity over quality.

In the video above I walk you through the process of pruning your Twitter followers very easily with Tweepi.

You should follow me on Twitter here.

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