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Word Count Tracker

Word Count Tracking Spreadsheet 2019

The Word Count Tracking spreadsheet has been updated for 2019 and it’s available for purchase, right now! The 2019 Word Count Tracking Spreadsheet wasn’t just updated from the 2018 version, but it’s been improved! I hired a developer to not just update the spreadsheet but to add a cool new option that was requested several […]

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Distraction Free Writing with Cold Turkey Writing

Distraction Free Writing

Distraction free writing can easily be achieved by using a free software program that blocks you from accessing all of the time-sucking distractions on your computer from “doing research” on Google (translation: hour losing rabbit holes), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, games on your machine, looking at photos, or an old document, et al. that can distract […]

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Daily Word Count Tracker Spreadsheet

Daily Word Count Tracker

Daily Word Count Tracker basic spreadsheet that you can download for free. NEW UPDATE FOR 2019 – I have a souped-up Word Count Tracker for 2019 available for purchase. UPDATE: The Daily Word CountTracker for 2018 is ready for direct download: 2018 Word Tracking Spreadsheets. Tracking your daily word count is a true and tried method […]

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List of Surnames for Writers

List of Surnames for Writers

List of Surnames for Writers in one BIG Excel Spreadsheet If you’re looking for a list of surnames for writers, your search might be over! Like most writers, I struggle to find names for my characters — first and last names! Scrivener has a name-generating feature, but I don’t like it much, and there are […]

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Scrivener iOS Review: A Great App for Writing on Your iPhone

Scrivener iOS Review Scrivener iOS review… it’s been a long time coming! But it’s finally here and the Scrivener iOS App is fantastic and well worth the wait! There are a lot of writing software programs and apps out there. The choices will leave you feeling like you’re riding in a jam-packed subway car. But […]

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WordPress Embed Sites

Embed content into WordPress Easily

There is nothing more important than adding great content to your website/blog. Adding content from sites like YouTube or Twitter is a great way to add something extra to your own content. Although WordPress has always made it pretty easy to add content from YouTube to your site, they’ve now made it ridiculously easy to […]

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How to use Google Forms for Writers

In this video, I’ll show writers how they can use free Google Forms to create beautiful online Review Copy and ARC (Advance Review Copy) Request Forms in order to find potential readers to review your books. The entire process is done online. The potential reader fills out the web-based Review Copy/ARC request form and the […]

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Systematic Podcast Interviews Keith Blount

Cool interview about my favorite writing app Scrivener. Brett Terpstra host of the Systematic podcast on the 5by5 Network interviewed Scrivener developer Keith Blount. The interview was back in September of 2013, but I just came across it now. Interesting stuff. I also find it amusing that the host of Systematic, Brett Terpstra lives in […]

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Aweber: Email Marketing Software

List Building Tips for Authors

As an author, you probably already know how important it is to connect with readers and to build our community (between author and readers). It doesn’t matter if you’re self published or legacy published; you’ll be expected to do that work. I’ve noticed that building your community via social media is hammered home a lot […]

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Open Office Sucks

Open Office Problems

I made the switch from Windows to Mac in 2007, and although it took some adjustment time, I’m a full-blown Mac user now. I don’t like Microsoft products, so I never bothered getting Word for Mac. I’ve just been using Open Office Writer for several years as a free Microsoft word alternative. I thought it […]

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