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Text Expander Review

I just ordered a cool new tool called Text Expander and I’m loving it, so I created a quick video of it in action (see video above for a short textexpander review). I use to create macros all the time, but I haven’t used them in years since they’re a pain to create, […]

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Transferring Files From Neo 2 Into Scrivener

Send to Kindle  I’ve been using the NEO 2 Alphasmart word processor lately to write without distractions from the Internet or checking emails etc. I was worried that a stripped down basic word processor like the NEO 2 wouldn’t work well with my iMac computer and the Scrivener writing software that I use to write […]

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Book Trailer on YouTube – Don’t Forget the Link!

YouTube is a fantastic site to promote your book. You can easily create a book trailer or other promotional video that you can easily upload to YouTube which (as of this writing), is the third most heavily trafficked website in the world. But I keep noticing way too many authors who are uploading their […]

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How to Self Publish Your Fiction Book with CreateSpace

Send to Kindle  In the video above, I’ll walk you through the entire process on how to self publish your fiction book in paperback using CreateSpace, which is an Amazon company. That’s my book, The Asset (Kindle and Paperback).  In this post, I’ll show you how I published my book using CreateSpace. If you don’ […]

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Scrivener Video Tutorial: Nonlinear Writing

In this less than five minute Scrivener Video Tutorial, you’ll see how to easily move scenes around your manscript with drag and drop ease.   Send to Kindle

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Scrivener Video Tutorial: Tweet, Right From Scrivener

Scrivener Video Tutorial #4 –  Twitter is a great way of holding yourself accountable to your writing goals and to brand/market yourself in one tweet, right from Scrivener! Send to Kindle

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Writing Fiction Tutotrial

Video Tip for Writers: Text to Speech

Make your Mac talk and listen to the words you just wrote, being read back to you. A quick video for fiction writers on a Mac. It’s a great way of getting instant audio feedback on your writing using apps already on your computer. Send to Kindle

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Media Television Screen with Image Gallery

YouTube Research for Fiction Writers

If you can’t physically visit a place you’re writing about, head on over to YouTube. My WIP takes place in Honduras, since it’s not feasible for me to book a flight to Tegus, I instead visited YouTube. I wanted to describe what it’s like to drive in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, so I searched “driving […]

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