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The End of the CreateSpace Custom ISBN

CreateSpace Custom ISBN CreateSpace Custom ISBN option is no longer available. In 2014, I posted a step-by-step video tutorial (in real time as I prepared to publish the paperback version of my novel, She’s Gone) on how to publish a paperback using CreateSpace. A quick background: if you want to publish a print/paper version of […]

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How to Order a CreateSpace Proof Copy

 In the first video of my “publishing a paperback book with createspace” videos, I walked you through the entire process of how to upload your manuscript and book cover onto CreateSpace, step-by-step. That video ended with the final step of waiting for approval of CreateSpace. CreateSpace indicates it takes around 24-hours before they contact you via […]

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How to Setup Your Manuscript With CreateSpace

How to Setup Your Manuscript With CreateSpace in Less Than 15 Minutes    My novel, She’s Gone was published in the Kindle marketplace a couple weeks ago, but now I need to setup the paperback Print on Demand (POD) version of the novel using CreateSpace. For book size, I’m going with a paperback trim size […]

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Lawrence Block on Self Publishing

I’m late to the party, I just discovered what a great writer Lawrence Block is, so I’ve enjoying reading his books. Lawrence Block made a lot of news recently because he decided to come out of retirement and self publish his own book! It’s rare for a famous author to bypass traditional publishing and embrace […]

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How to Self Publish Your Fiction Book with CreateSpace

  In the video above, I’ll walk you through the entire process on how to self-publish your fiction book in paperback using CreateSpace, which is an Amazon company. That’s my book, The Asset (Kindle and Paperback).  In this post, I’ll show you how I published my book using CreateSpace. If you don’ like video, here […]

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The Asset | CIA Thriller by Alan Petersen

The Asset Now Available on Amazon

I’m happy to announce that my first fiction book, The Asset, is now available as a Kindle eBook in Amazon’s Kindle Market Place: It’s exciting to see my book finally available for sale! The paperback version should be ready in the next week or two. I’ve just uploaded my book files to Amazon’s CreateSpace. I recorded the […]

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NCBPMA July Event: Introduction to Self Publishing

On July 31, 2012, I participated in the Northern California Book Publicity & Marketing Association’s luncheon and panel discussion on self publishing in San Francisco. The NCBPMA is an association of book publicists and marketing professionals that mostly work in traditional publishing who were curious about the recent rumblings about self publishing. The panel was […]

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The Indie Author’s Guide to Book Cover Design

As a self published/indie author we have to be involved in every aspect of our book creation process. Including the book cover. The bad news, is that it can be a very frustrating process. Where do you even find book cover designers? And of course, it’s going to cost you some coin (a lot of […]

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I Wrote a Book

It hasn’t been self published yet. Aside from my editor and yours truly, no one has read it. But none of that matters right now. I started with zero words and after months of writing, I finished with over 80,000 words and a finished book. I felt like breaking out into the New York Giants […]

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Self Publishers Need Not Apply

It’s amazing how slow the old guard is to embrace change. It’s one thing for traditional publishing houses to look down on self-publishing, their business model and livelihood is on the line. I get that. But recently I wanted to join a local writers association here in Northern California but self-publishers need not apply: A […]

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