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I’m in Print… Things are Going to Start Happening to me Now

I received my proof copy for the paperback version of my book, The Asset, from CreateSpace yesterday. I must admit, I was” Navin R. Johnson” excited. As a self published author, my book marketing efforts are geared towards the eBook version of my book, but it’s so simple to add a paperback version […]

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The Asset | CIA Thriller by Alan Petersen

The Asset Now Available on Amazon

I’m happy to announce that my first fiction book, The Asset, is now available as a Kindle eBook in Amazon’s Kindle Market Place: It’s exciting to see my book finally available for sale! The paperback version should be ready in the next week or two. I’ve just uploaded my book files to Amazon’s CreateSpace. I […]

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Publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing


Send to Kindle   It’s been a long journey, from when I first stared at a blank page and I started to tap away on Scrivener, to this day. I’ve finally uploaded The Asset for publishing to the Amazon Kindle Store. It can take up to 12 hours, so a little more waiting. 🙂 Send to […]

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My Next Big Thing

I was asked about “My Next Big Thing” by April Taylor. It’s a cool Internet meme that is going around. Authors agree to answer a few questions about their WIP (work in progress) and they pass on the question to other authors. So here are my answers and at the end, I pass […]

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Progress Report

Met My Writing Goal!

I’m very excited to announce that I just hit my word count goal for my second book! When I started writing my second book, I set a goal of 80,000 written words. I’ve blogged about setting writing goals before. It’s a goal to keep me motivated, but it’s not a target that must […]

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Manuscript Editing for Fiction

I Hate the Editing Part

I’ve been working on the edited manuscript for my WIP (work in progress) and I really hate this part of writing. I’m at the stage where the manuscript has come back from my editor and it’s chalk-full of suggestions, questions, and fixes. Although the changes are made and tracked by my editor on […]

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10 Steps To Become A Better Writer

This graphic says it all… Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger. Send to Kindle

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Progress Report

Progress Report on my WIP

The writing has been clicking along nicely on my current WIP (Work in Progress). I set a goal of 80,000 words and as of today, I’m at 68,135 words! It’s an exciting stage of the writing process, since the plot is coming along nicely and I’m in “wrap up” mode as the story […]

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The Editing Process Excuse

I’ve been stuck on the editing process for my first fiction book for months now. It’s a process that has taken a lot longer than I ever imagined. I hired an editor and my manuscript went through a full edit. When I got back my edited manuscript with the editor’s suggested changes and […]

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Old School Composition Book

Send to Kindle I love my electronic gadgets, but sometimes you just want to go old school! The other day, I had ideas for my book, I was away from computer and I didn’t have my iPad handy. I could have whipped out my droid (HTC EVO) and recorded a memo for myself… I’ve done that […]

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