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Happy New Year

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New Year 2013 Indie Publishing

My Fiction Writing in 2012-2013

Almost a week into 2013, so I thought it was a good time to reflect on 2012 and what’s coming for 2013 with my fiction writing. 2012 – Good Stuff I wrote two books in 2012. “The Asset” is around 80,000 words. It’s gone through two rounds of editing and proofreading. I’ve also done chunks […]

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eReader for Less Than $15

I was reading on Yahoo Finance about cheap versions of pricey products and was amazed to see a $13 eReader! That’s cheaper than the price of some of the big name ebooks. This type of eReader makes it easier for just about anyone to be able to afford an eReader, which is wonderful! A long-standing […]

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