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How to Setup a Giveaway with Rafflecopter

I’m setting up an audiobook giveaway using Rafflecopter. I teamed with four other thriller authors for the giveaway which runs from January 22-26th. In the video above I’ll walk you through behind the scenes in setting up a multi-author giveaway using Rafflecopter. You can checkout my giveaway here:   Send to Kindle

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Audiobook Production with ACX Case Study (Part Seven)

As I’ve been walking you through the audiobook production process with ACX we get to the final step: ACX validation. The validation process took longer than expected. We did have one issue during validation, one of the audio files uploaded was unedited. My narrator/audiobook producer was able to fix it and re-upload it. I would imagine this […]

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CIA Thriller The Asset on Sale

A different kind of post on this blog, but I’m excited to announce that my CIA thriller, The Asset, is on sale until Monday, November 25. This is just the second sale I’ve had since publishing my book nine months ago (wow, time flies), so make sure to order before then if you want to […]

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ACX Audible Book Cover for The Asset

Audiobook Production With ACX Case Study Part Three (The Cover)

I was under the incorrect assumption (yes I know all about what “assumes” spells) that I could just use my book cover to be used as my audiobook cover, but ACX has it’s own very specific image requirements. I gave it a shot with GIMP but my cover looked stretched out and blurry. No go. […]

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Book Trailer on YouTube – Don’t Forget the Link!

YouTube is a fantastic site to promote your book. You can easily create a book trailer or other promotional video that you can easily upload to YouTube which (as of this writing), is the third most heavily trafficked website in the world. But I keep noticing way too many authors who are uploading their videos without […]

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Audiobook Production with ACX Case Study (Part Two)

Part two of my audiobook production process of my book, The Asset. I’m using Amazon’s ACX. This blog post is about the audition steps to find the right narrator for your book. Send to Kindle

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How to Sell Your Books on Amazon (Hangouts on Air Event) had a live event today on Google Plus Hangout with Amazon’s Thom Kephart. A lot of information was presented so check out the video recording of the event. Send to Kindle

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Audiobook Production with ACX Case Study (Part I)

I have been very impressed with the overwhelming positive feedback from indie authors who have published an audiobook version of their books. It’s a great way to open up to an entire new marketplace and a phenomenal way of adding another title for sale without having to write 80,000+ new words. 🙂 As of this […]

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Aweber: Email Marketing Software

List Building Tips for Authors

As an author, you probably already know how important it is to connect with readers and to build our community (between author and readers). It doesn’t matter if you’re self published or legacy published; you’ll be expected to do that work. I’ve noticed that building your community via social media is hammered home a lot […]

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