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Book Cover Design Video (Time Lapse)

One of the talented designers over at Ebook Launch posted a four-minute time-lapse video of the complete book cover design process (from selecting the stock images, fonts, Photoshop work, etc.).  It’s an amazing book cover design video to watch the designer start with a blank canvas (just as we writers start with a […]

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Create a Book Marketing Plan

Having a book marketing plan is a key, but seldom discussed component for success as an author. This is a video recording of a great webinar on how to create a book marketing plan to sell books put on by CreateSpace  and hosted by Brian Jud. There is a lot of advice online on book marketing and how […]

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createspace proof copy

How to Order a CreateSpace Proof Copy

Send to Kindle In the first video of my “publishing a paperback book with createspace” videos, I walked you through the entire process of how to upload your manuscript and book cover onto CreateSpace, step-by-step. That video ended with the final step of waiting for approval of CreateSpace. CreateSpace indicates it takes around 24-hours before they contact […]

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How to setup Manuscript with CreateSpace

How to Setup Your Manuscript With CreateSpace

How to Setup Your Manuscript With CreateSpace in Less Than 15 Minutes    My novel, She’s Gone was published in the Kindle marketplace a couple weeks ago, but now I need to setup the paperback Print on Demand (POD) version of the novel using CreateSpace. For book size, I’m going with a paperback […]

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Text Expander Review

I just ordered a cool new tool called Text Expander and I’m loving it, so I created a quick video of it in action (see video above for a short textexpander review). I use to create macros all the time, but I haven’t used them in years since they’re a pain to create, […]

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Facebook Advertising Banner Size

As I’m learning more about Facebook advertising for fiction authors I’ll share what I discover under the new tag: Facebook Advertising Tips for Authors. What size should my Facebook ad image be? This was a question that stumped me, and I’m not alone, questions about Facebook advertising banner size popup all  the time […]

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IndieReCon 2014

There is a great online conference for indie authors coming up soon. It’s called IndieReCon, it’s free, and it looks fantastic. The speakers are a who’s who in indie publishing including JA Konrath, Barry Eisler, David Gaughran, Joanna Penn, and others. You can register and learn more here. The IndieReCon schedule is amazing and […]

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Systematic Podcast Interviews Keith Blount

Cool interview about my favorite writing app Scrivener. Brett Terpstra host of the Systematic podcast on the 5by5 Network interviewed Scrivener developer Keith Blount. The interview was back in September of 2013, but I just came across it now. Interesting stuff. I also find it amusing that the host of Systematic, Brett Terpstra […]

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Rafflecopter Comes to Life at Midnight

Since I’m using the free version of Rafflecopter, I can’t control the start time. Regardless of the date chosen the giveaway starts and ends at midnight. I was curious the Rafflecopter widget would turn on right at midnight, so I waited, then right at midnight I refreshed my browser and boom, my giveaway […]

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Audiobook First Month

I’ve been chronicling the process of turning my book, The Asset, into an audiobook during my ACX Audiobook Case Study. The Asset audiobook has been out for one month, so it’s a good time for an update. Audiobook marketing is a lot tougher than book marketing. There just aren’t many places that are […]

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